List of parts with Mouser part numbers.

9/2/2013: RoHS has changed a lot of the parts. I found a good-enough FET for the time being, PF5102.

1/2/2012: Updated list quite a bit. Resistor part numbers might be a bit stale; just use a nice 2% tolerance metal film.

Transsound capsules can be purchased from JLI Electronics: here.

Also, the 1Gohm resistor (yes, that's 1000 Meg) can be hard to find, and is usually expensive (more than $3 each). If you're looking at a different supplier, check for the 1Gohm resistor first. Mouser does carry them, and Digi-Key sometimes has them as MOX200J-1000ME-ND. I'd recommend the MOX200J if you can get it, since it is the size of a regular 1/4watt resistor.

Quantity Part Description Mouser Notes
1 PF5102 FET 512-PF5102
2 2N5087 PNP Transistor 610-2N5087  
1 78-1N5242B 12V Zener Diode 512-1N5242B  
1 6.8K Resistor 271-6.8K  
2 100K Resistor 271-100K  
1 330 Resistor 271-330  
2 2.2K Resistor 271-2.2K
1 1G Resistor MOX200J-1000ME-ND
1 100uf Electrolytic Capacitor 647-TVX1V101MAD  
2 0.47uf 50V Polyester Capacitor 140-PEI2A474J-RC  
1 10uf Electrolytic Capacitor 647-TVX1H100MAD